Friday, February 26, 2010

Great News

Hello Everyone,

Most of you read my facebook page and already know my good news, but for some of you who don't know yet I thought I'd blog about it. Well Ben and I have been waiting til yesterday for our appointment to meet with a maternal fetal medicine doctor,Dr. Gill(he also helped in my previous pregnancy). We wantyed to sit down with him and discuss our options and risks of having a 2nd baby. I was really nervous about going because I wasn't 100% sure what he would say. He could say it would be too dangerous to try again or my health was bad. Thankfully the appointment went a lot better than I thought it would.

He told us that my chance of developing preeclampsia again would be about 10%, which came as a pleasant surprise to me because the doctor that delivered Mazio ,Dr. Wilson, told me I had about a 20% chance or more to get it again. What a relief to know its not as severe. He went through both of our family medical histories to determine what health complications could have contributed to me developing preeclampsia. The only big health issues came from my side...diabetes and high blood pressure. He thought it was just a normal health concern so he suggested I lose the rest of my "nicu" weight before we try again. I totally agree I want to definately lose the weight before we try. He also suggested we wait 4-6 months til we try to conceive again so that my c-section scarring can get stronger. So that will be about this July, so thats when we plan on trying which works out good fro me, it gives me more time to lose this weight.
The whole office there really made me feel more comfortable about trying for a 2nd pregnancy. The onenurse even said she'd give me her number so that when I am feeling scared to call her any time and that she'd help be an emotional support as well as physical with the pregnancy. That made me feel better. They kept telling me to let them be the ones who worry and I just relax and enjoy the next pregnancy. I really couldn't have got a better doctor and staff as my team. This whole news has been such a blessing and answered prayer, Ben and I really want more children however it works out, whether we adopt or conceive. We still [plan on adopting ,hopefully after this 2nd pregnancy. Oh my doctor is also doing blood work to test for lupus. I don't have any signs at all but he just wanted to rule out an autoimmune disorder as underlying issue that could have contributed to my preeclampsia. We should hear back about those results next week or so, but I'm really not worried about it. Well thats my great news! I know I've really been slacking here on my blog. Lately I've just been going through a rut, but I think I'm coming out of it now.