Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know its been quite a few weeks since I updated last and I have some exciting news.....

Yep that's right, she could be a November baby instead of December!! At my recent appointment last week the dr. wanted to go ahead and schedule the amnio test. Since my classical incision from having Mazio so early I will not be allowed to make it to 40 weeks and will need a repeat c-section. So my dr. scheduled me to have an amnio test done to check the baby's lung maturity and see if she's ready to come out yet. The amnio test is where they will stick a really long needle into my belly and take out a few cc's of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby. They will then do 2 separate tests on the fluid to determine the maturity of the lungs. The dr. also scheduled the c-section for the very same day in the event that the baby's lungs would come back mature. So Monday November 28th at 7:30am I will have the amnio done. We should get the results back in an hour after the test. Then if the lungs are mature enough the c-section will be a few hours later at 11am.
I'm nervous about the amnio test and the different risks involved but I plan on talking to the dr. about it on my next appointment. I'm excited to think that in just 3 1/2 weeks I could really have another baby.

After losing Eleora my hearts been yearning to hold a newborn. I feel like I've been waiting for this baby ever since then. I'm sure its going to be emotional when this baby does come. I'm so thankful that God kept this door open and has blessed us with this baby. He could have closed it with all the scares that came with Eleora's passing and the risk of cancer but that wasn't His will. Mazio was truly a miracle baby with how early he came into this world, Eleora was a miracle baby to me as she came and left so suddenly but made such an impact in our lives, and now God has blessed us with another miracle. Its crazy to think that last year I was sitting in the hospital after the d&c feeling resolved that we would never have any more babies and that I had such a long road of recovery ahead and unknown from the partial molar.I have no words other than...God is good!