Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Winner is.....

To find the winner I reverted back to the old fashion pick a name out of the hat. Ben did the picking and he picked....... 
                              Kim Branch!!! 

Congratulations Kim!! I'll be emailing you for your design of choice.

Thank you all for entering and all your words of encouragement! If any of you are interested in ordering a large utility tote for yourself or would like to browse the catalog, come visit me! 

 The large utility tote retails at $35 and for every $31 you spend you can get any of the beautifully designed all-in-one organizer for just $5......

The All-In-One organizer retails at $20, that's a $15 savings!! But hurry this offer only lasts until the end of May!! June will start a new monthly special so hurry and order if you want to catch this amazing deal!

I wish I could afford you all a large utility tote, but don't fret for this is not the last nor only giveaway. There is another awesome 31 giveaway in the making!! :) What bag will it be? Will it be a thermal tote, a metro retro purse, a square utility tote, organizing shoulder bag or any of the other amazing products???

 Tune in next week to find out!! :)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Exciting News and Giveaway!!

So here is my exciting news, I have become a 31 gifts consultant! :) I'm just trying this out for fun and if it grows into a business, great!! I love this company and what they stand for. I truly appreciate the fact that its a faith based company trying to encompass the Proverbs 31 woman and bring her to light. Its a great encouragement. I have never done anything like this before but thought I needed a change and needed to take a risk.

That being said, one thing that initially shied me away from attempting this was that I was really not wanting to be a pushy sales person. I really don't want my friends or family to feel they need to buy this or host a party or do that etc.. This is all in good fun, its simply about taking a chance and making a small change in my life for me.

 Here's the most exciting part, now that I'm a 31 consultant all my friends,family and blog followers can reap the benefits!!

So to celebrate and kick-off this exciting new business venture I'm having a giveaway! What's in this giveaway for you may ask......
                -- The Large Utility Tote!!--

                Yes, A FREE Large Utility Tote!

You can even choose your own design from: Black Happy Dot, Pin Dots, Floral Celebration, Circle Spirals, Aqua Circle Spirals (shown above), Garden Bloom, Black Parisian Pop, Windsor Bouquet, Black Paisley Parade, Lotsa Dots, Minty Chip or any of the solid Spirit Colors (blue,grey,black,maroon,orange)

The giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday May 30th and I will be drawing and posting the winner on Thursday May 31st.

To enter to win all you have to do is:

* leave me a comment underneath this post and include your email address
* OR you can earn an extra entry if you volunteer to host a party

I really love this bag and all its versatile uses and I know you will too! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling down

I know its been forever since posting anything new on here so I figured I'd say a little something. Life has been a little crazy with 2 kids now but also quite busy. I'm a little frustrated lately. A few posts back I mentioned how I arranged for "Eleora" to be put onto the back of the memorial grave stone at the cemetery where supposedly our baby's ashes are. Well its been a while and still no name. It was around mid March when I set it up. They told me it would be up in no time. A few weeks later no name.

So we called to see what the protocols were and they told us the guys had to make the letters and then it'd be up. A few weeks later still no name and in fact there were other new names up.

 So we called again and they assured us within the next 2 weeks it would be up. Several weeks later still no name and another new name.

So I called the other day and asked what was going on and if it was ever going to go on the stone. The guy said that the man was out earlier that day and it should be up, but alas it was not. There is no waiting list, all the names get put up pretty quick when the weather is nice. They had nothing to tell me as to why other names were there but not hers. The conversation ended with this guy telling me he'd look into it.

 I'm beginning to think this is never going to happen. Before mother's day I hoped and hoped that just maybe it'd be there as that would be so appropriate. I'm tired of the disappointment. I'm contemplating other things I can do to bring a last bit of closure. I hope I'm able to find something I'm comfortable with. :-/
Well that's my mini post for today. The kids are calling me.

Thanks for reading.