Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fluffy White Towels

I realize my nerd side is coming out in this blog post but I had to share how excited I am about this! :) I decided to switch to all white bath towels as they are easier to keep clean and they look so classic. These towels are so soft and absorbent! I love them! I got a bunch of bath sheets and regular towels. Stepping out of the shower makes me feel like I'm at a spa now. Its a plus that I have a rocking awesome hubby that just so happens to also be a licensed massage therapist! :) Just need some aroma therapy and we could have a working spa over here!

Just love these towels!

Four more days until baby #3 comes into the world! :) She is probably the reason for my cleaning obsession and fondness for these white towels! Thank you little baby and I sure hope that this passion doesn't die off after you're born. ha!