Monday, February 4, 2013

In The Flood

I wanted to make a post today about a dear friend of mine from church and her family.

Whoever God see fit to stumble across my blog at whatever point in time no matter what the circumstance this is really pressed upon my heart right now and I wanted to share it with you.

Some of the people that see my blog have lost loved ones and some of those loved ones were very young, very tiny, babies. Some of you may be grieved mothers, fathers or just family members. Some of you may be struggling, some may have been walking roads far more difficult then mine has been thus far. I have witnessed first hand how God uses so much to touch the lives of others and how our struggles and sufferings is how God brings about much change. Change in ourselves and change in other people. These changes are incredible transformations that bring about sensitivity and compassion. It is a beautiful thing to see or feel God working in your heart even at times when He feels it necessary to break it for a while.

Right now, my friend Cat's heart is broken.

You see my friend's heart has been broken in the same way once before and never fully healed before it was broken again. My friend has endured the loss every mother fears and she has felt that pain twice. Her last loss was just yesterday as she delivered a beautiful baby boy that had Trisomy 18, a  deadly chromosomal defect. I have another friend who has lost a baby to this devastating diagnosis. Her name is Kim and you can visit her blog here. Cat's son, baby Josiah, lived for about an hour. Just long enough to visit with him for precious moments before he passed away from his mother's arms and into Jesus's hands. Cat and her family are heart broken yet again as God has taken another baby away from them. Through their pain, though, I must make mention of how incredibly strong and encouraging they have been. They have given such great testimony and witnessing and I thank God for that! They rest in God knowing that this is His will but they are in much need of prayers, thoughts and support.

No matter when you are reading this post, whether its weeks, months, or even years from this day I just ask for you to say a prayer for this sweet family.

There is far too much to type to explain my friend's whole story but I implore you to visit her blog:

Also her story can be seen again here at:

Below is a video put together of the loss of Owen......(please mute the blog music at the bottom of the blog to hear the video best)

Please be in fervent prayer for my dear friends. They are in great need of it right now.

Thank you!