Ellette Grace

This little girlie was quite the surprise! We had not planned for an Exposito baby #3 but alas God had other plans and so we come to this little miracle.

Our littlest and newest edition to our growing family, Ellette "Ellie" Grace. Ellie was born on June 5th 2013. She weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 18 inches long. It was an uneventful and healthy pregnancy, of which we are so very thankful!

Ellie was born at 12:24. I was so nervous! I don't really know why because this wasn't my first c-section. It went pretty well except this time I felt very very nauseous and tried to throw up but because of that lovely drink they give you prior to surgery I couldn't. I felt so weird this time. Like I had to struggle to breath but I was fine. Just a odd feeling.

Thankfully I had hubby in there with me who did much better this time around at distracting me with conversation so I didn't have to hear the snipping and such. :)

She had so much hair!

She looks a lot like her big sister Arleigh. 

Its so neat to see a family picture with all of us!

Maz and Arleigh were happy about the baby but more interested in all the company we had. :)

Here she is in her car seat all ready to go home.

Its nice to be home with our little Ellie and its nice to be a family of 5 now :)........Who knows maybe in the future we will be a family of 6 if the Lord so wills. 

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