Saturday, June 19, 2010


Just some I've been kinda playing around with...not yet finished though....

Its such a struggle as I fumble with my fingers trying so hard to hold on
to you.
As the world pulls on me like a suction and sin is like a whirlwind around
My only form of protection, my love for you like a dagger.
Will you abandon me? Am I not who I once thought I was?
Sometimes it gets dark and lonely then you bless me with a kindred soul.
My thoughts haunt me as I fight for your image.
I've rejected and disgraced you, yet your mighty face surrounded by grace
reminds me.
How can there be enough grace for little me?Set a blaze then put out , how
do I restart you, flame?
Being comfortably warm isn't the same. All the biggest battles I find
Narrow the path that leads to life and lined with slippery stone.
Bestow with passion and set me free from this sin that binds me.
The glory that leads my life is yours. I surrender to You ,my Love, my
Savior,my Father.

Hide Me Away....

Hide me away from this dark place;

Where lies are etched upon my face,
Where in my heart pride has taken Your place,
Where the reins of my life are led by selfishness,
Where anger roams around without a harness,
Where lust flirts and desires become me,
Where jealousy chains me away from being free,
Where hate boils deep with in,my driving force,
Where greed flows through leaving no remorse,
Where in my reflection vanity thrives,
Where self-righteousness fills my eyes,

O' Lord hide me away from this dark place...


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