Friday, August 12, 2011

My Savior keeps me afloat

As many of you know our house received major flood damage a few weeks ago and its been an up hill battle for us ever since....

I had an early dr. appointment for the baby scheduled that morning. It was going to be "THE" ultrasound. The nearly there 20 week one that we'd really see a distinguishable live baby kicking around in there. I was so nervous but excited too! Through the many nightly trips to the bathroom I noticed there was an incredible and almost scary lightening storm going on. It was super bright but I never heard or noticed it raining at all. My alarm went off at 7am. I was just about to step into the shower when I thought I heard a funny noise coming from the basement. Thinking it was just the sump pump kicking on I ignored it at first until I thought I heard water. A lot of water. I ran downstairs and realized that our basement and downstairs living room was near ankle deep of water. I freaked out and ran upstairs to get hubby. That's when it started.

The water was rising so quickly as we tried so hard to save anything we could. It was so hard trying to remember what was valuable to us in some way that might be in any of the many boxes we had down there on shelves. We did our best. Thankfully both our dads came to our rescue to help us. When we were able to look outside we were shocked to see tons of water engulfed around our house and up the road. I think we were both in shock. We had never seen anything like that in our area. Water was coming up from the foundation, through walls, in cracks through the garage, under the kitchen/garage door and through our front door even though it was closed. By the end there was 6 feet of water in the basement/living room and 6 inches every where else, like my kitchen,foyer,bathroom,living room and sun room. We had to make our escape through a window and walk through the water up the street to dry land. It was quite disgusting. The water was a nasty brown mucky color. Luckily we were able to get our suv out of the garage with no problems.

The news called it the 100 year rain or 1000 year rain. Something along those lines. They say it was a record for the most amount of rain in such a short time. I believe 2 hours. We had neighbors that told us in 35 years they never saw anything like it in the neighborhood before. Several parts near us including our area was labeled a disaster area.

Ever since that day its been so stressful for us. Once the water outside receded the fire department came and pumped the water out of the basement. Then we had a cleaning crew come out and gut the house as well as sanitize the structure. It was tough having to see all the things they brought up from the basement that had been submerged. Things that didn't mean anything expense wise but had priceless sentimental value. There were also expensive things too but in the grand scheme of things they really didn't mean much to lose them. The sentimental losses were crushing though. I guess in a now humorous way, it was one way to force you to clean house!

We had 3 dumpsters full by the end of the gutting and cleaning process. By the time they removed everything that had been damaged, gutted out walls, dry wall, and carpet/flooring ripped out this is what it looked like everywhere upstairs...

The basement I don't have a picture of but it was very empty with only the studs showing.
As if the whole ordeal wasn't enough to swallow we have had to also have our first time dealing with insurance companies. We had flood insurance because technically we live in a flood plane due to this county ditch at the end of our backyard. I don't know which has been worse..the initial flood or dealing with the insurance people. It's so sad how some people can make a living doing this to other people. By "doing" I mean being so uncaring and giving the most absurd amount of money for home owners to attempt to pick up the pieces and fix their homes. I understand not all of them are like this but many are. Unfortunately we ended up with one like this. It's been quite a battle as our agent wishes to not be involved in dealing with our insurance company so we have been doing all of the fighting on our own.

I thank God for my husband through all this. He's been taking on so much of the fighting and dealing with the adjuster. God really has given him a clear mind and helped him to be a good witness throughout this process. Me on the other hand, I've been struggling a lot. I can't even understand why. I've been through some really hard trials but this one seems to be so much more difficult for me to wrap my mind and heart around. So what the house flooded, big deal its not the worst that could have happened. It's not but I don't know if its just a combo difficulty or what.

We ended up still going to my ultrasound and dr. appointment the day of the flood. We went later on after escaping the house. We got to see a healthy kicking baby and even found out that we're expecting a girl! She looked so good and even waved at us. It was really amazing to see that ultrasound after the way that day had started. Then I saw my dr. afterwards and she said that the baby was measuring a week smaller. Almost immediately I started to cry. The only baby I had measure small was the one we lost last summer. Granted she kept measuring smaller and smaller until she passed away but it brought all that back to my mind when the dr. told us that.
I know it's in God's hands as to what He has willed for this new baby but it's still scary. After you experience one child loss and you know the pain and experienced the heart ache its even more scary I think. Even though I know it would be God's will and He would get me through it just like He carried me through the baby we lost before it still doesn't erase the pain of it all. I've talked with other women and read myself that it can be perfectly normal to have a smaller baby. Even the dr. said that babies can be within a 10 day range as far as growth so technically its okay right now. It must be the mothering nature to worry about your babies even before they are born, often times when there isn't a real cause for concern.

Since both hubby and I have been stressed through this I know I haven't been eating as often or drinking as much. So now I'm trying to make that priority. I just really want to meet this little lady! I've been trying to concentrate on her lately. Buying little girlie outfits for her and making a list of things I want to get for her crib/nursery. Its been a fun way to forget about the house issues. Plus this baby is coming regardless of our house! I am so excited for this baby! I can't say it enough.:) I keep envisioning meeting her for the first time. Oh how long we've waited for her. The suspense awaiting for this little girl's arrival has been built up even more by the passing of her big sister. Though its sad remembering the little one we lost there is a peace there too. I know my baby is with God.

What a roller coaster ride this trial has been. I'm ashamed at myself for not seeing and knowing what lesson God is trying to teach me through this. I feel like I've been blinded by the shock, stress and pressure to get things moving for this baby. I pray that I can look back and see better. I don't know why its been such a struggle within me. I've been an awful witness as well. I've been too consumed with the here and now in the situation that I've forgotten my calling. I guess in this it shows that it really isn't an easy life as a christian and we're not perfect and will make mistakes. It's the praying for God to help you back up for His glory that's important when this stuff happens. Praying I can regain a better testimony.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts. Also God has been so gracious to us with our contractor! He has agreed to start fixing our home without any money up front since we are still fighting our adjuster for the right amount of money to cover everything plus labor. He has been such a huge help to us!

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