Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hello my fellow blog readers!

Its been ages since I've been able to get back on the computer. Its been on the fritz for a good several weeks now, but alas it is finally in working order! So as you can imagine since early last month I have quite a few updates.

So here we go:

Here are our last family photos of our trio done for the Fall by our good friend, Charlie Edmisten! Thank you again very much Charlie! We are pleased with how they came out.:)

And of course our little man...

Lastly, Ben and I. (Me feeling more like an over stuffed turkey :))

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with both families and got to get our grub on. Last year all of us were sick as dogs and didn't get to enjoy the holiday as we had hoped to so this year was quite a treat to get to fully indulge and be gluttons.

We have the tree up and house decorated for Christmas. I even have all my Christmas shopping nearly done and all that I do have is wrapped and ready. I must point out that I got all that I have done before the infamous Black Friday and the ensuing madness that follows after that crazy day. Ugh, why must holiday shopping bring out the rotteness in people! I can't stand it, pushing and shoving in lines, cutting in front of people nearly taking them out, crazy driving, rude remarks and attitudes, and so on. A season of giving my butt, any more it seems like the season of wanting and greed. Okay that's enough of my shopping rant.

Please follow me to yet another new post......there's more to tell.:)


  1. Yaaaay! You're posting again! I was thinking of you earlier today hoping you'd be sharing an update about your sweet baby girl soon. I can't wait to hear more! BTW, you look fantastic in the family photos! Beautiful! :D

  2. Cute Photo's!!! Love them! Your growing belly makes me smile knowing your rainbow is nearer then ever! You deserve it.take care my ya-