Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas and 2012 New Years

Just thought I'd share some pictures of us from the holidays.:)

Yay! My first Christmas!! Arleigh in her cute Christmas dress.:)

Out to eat with the family for my brother Josh and Ted being in town for the holidays! :)

Ted holding Arleigh on Christmas Eve. :)

"Little Mo" (as my dad likes to call her) in her cute sweater.:)

Daddy feeding his little girl on Christmas day. ;)

Papa Cline and Mazio!

Mazio and Uncle Josh on Christmas

Uncle Josh and Arleigh on New Years Eve

Mazio playing with his cousins on Christmas Eve :)

Mazio opening up gifts with daddy :)


  1. Yay! Love the photos! Mazio looks so big, gosh, he's growing up so fast. Arleigh looks beautiful in her Christmas dress. I can't get over all that pretty dark hair she's got! :D

  2. Its amazing how life has changed for the better for you. Congrats on happy holidays and love growing in your heart. Hugs mama-