Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Valentine's Surprise!

        Yes that's right! We are indeed pregnant again with #3!!! Due June 25th but will arrive in early June. This little girly was a big surprise! We were not planning on having another baby just yet but God had other plans. We are very thankful!
          I was wanting to do a family picture with the banner but alas it wasn't mean to be, but I am wanting to do a professional nice family picture. We haven't had one done since Arleigh came along. So I hope to be posting one up here soon!

Please keep us in prayer for a happy & healthy pregnancy & baby! Thank you!


  1. What! OMG! How come you never said anything sooner? Congrats to you mama, looking forward to future updates.

  2. Hurrah for new babies!! Welcome, Little Miracle! So thrilled for you, Ben, Maz, and Arleigh!