Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunshine fun

Finally the weather here in Ohio is warming up!! Woo hoo! Its been a chilly Spring for the most part but lately it has been heating up. Which the kids are loving! 

I have been in major Spring cleaning mode around  here. It doesn't help that it seems every pregnancy I experience a strong adoration to the smell of many household cleaners. I have my favorites that have been permeating through our house a lot lately. I absolutely LOVE the smell of Gain laundry detergent and softener! I can not even fully put into words what the smell does to me. Its just simply amazing. I actually get excited to do laundry so much that I walk around our house seeking out something to wash for the purpose of smelling it. My favorite moment is right when the item is being dried and is at its dries but still hot from the dryer. I could bury my nose in that forever. Yes,  my hubby thinks I am crazy as I try pushing the clean hot laundry  into his face and asking him to smell the freshness too. :) My laundry room is the best smelling room in the house to me but every room smells quite amazing and clean. Just ask my hubby. :) 

My other scent obsession is the smell of Glade Clean Linen. I have just about everything Glade has made in the Clean Linen scent. All the rooms get an occasional spray down of the air freshener, the carpet gets the powder scent treatment, I have the solid air fresheners in just about every room, and even my van has the Clean Linen aroma. I have a can of spray and several of the car fresheners in the scent in the van at all times. 

Just when you thought I couldn't be any nuttier, I actually love cleaning in general right now. Using bleach to clean the bathrooms and windows etc is fun to me. I like the smell but not as much as my Gain and Clean Linen. I just plain love the smell of clean. At least my house is clean and smelling quite lovely. I know its probably a nesting thing but oh well. I enjoy it right now, though my body doesn't. Ugh, so much aches and pains but its all worth it. 

We're loving that after about 3 years of Scott's treatment our lawn is looking pretty great this year. Minimal weeds, pretty green and really thick and full feeling on your toes. Almost therapeutic walking on it. At least I think so. Arleigh seems to enjoy walking on the grass barefoot too.

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