Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weight Loss Journey

So for 3 1/2 weeks now I have been busting butt to lose weight. Its just the beginning and I have a long journey ahead of me. I have 30lbs that I'd like to be rid of and they didn't magically come on over night. So, I am giving myself a goal of next June to reach my weight loss goal. With now three little ones its quite difficult to make time to work out. I tried the 30 day shred and even a mere 25 minutes seems to be a bit much for my life now. So I am on a very calorie restricted diet. I'm on 1,082 calories daily. I try to go for a hard run twice a week. We have been taking the kids to the park once or twice a week to play and hubby watches them so the baby and I can walk. It's been a nice arrangement. I hope to lose all this weight. Sometimes I feel I'll never reach my goal but I'm still truckin on.

My diet now is high protein, low carb, and low to no sugar. I allow myself only one cheat meal a week. Since mornings are pretty rough here anymore with feeding kids, diapers, and taking care of our dogs, I have no time for breakfast myself. I have found a great protein bar though that I love as a great breakfast. They taste really good too!

    Out of all of the flavors of the brand, this is my least favorite.
It taste more chalky and the peanut butter flavor is less than desirable.

Now this one is my favorite flavor. It taste almost like chewy cookie dough with little chocolate chips inside. Can't taste a protein flavor at all.

This one is my next favorite. The marshmallow creme filling is really good!

This one literally tastes like a Snickers bar! Very good! It seems to be a little bit smaller than the other bars.

I was afraid to try this one. Chocolate in a protein bar can be easy to screw up the flavor, but surprisingly this flavor was really good! The flavor and consistency made this taste just like a brownie!! I really like this one as a snack every once in a while if I have some calories left over at night and am craving something sweet. :)

 This is the last flavor I have tried so far. It's not bad. Very good. A nice change up when I want to try a different flavor. It has a strawberry mixture on the top.

These two are the only flavors I have not tried yet but I hope to once I find what stores nearby carries them!

The great aspect of these bars is their high protein low carb and calorie ratio. If you are looking for a good protein bar I highly recommend these bars! Reasonably priced at just $6 and some change at Walmart! They taste great too!

I hope to be posting more about this journey and hopefully I'll get closer to my goal by the holidays!

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