Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Simple Revelations

Hello Everyone,

I realized tonight as I was talking/ thinking with my husband. We were discussing God and the lost. I found it interesting that a lot of the lost have been exposed to God and his truth in some small way and that is where He instills a guilt of sorts inside. With some people guilt breeds into this beast that eats at you until you know you need to make things right, but with God its different.
I know God hardens mens hearts. He gives examples throughout the bible, like take Moses performing the miracles of God's power in front of the pharaoh. The pharoah saw the power and wonderment of God but he couldn't admit it he had to keep making his wizards of sorts to remake the same miracles mumbling their incantations and working their dust. As sinners too we can see this in our lives or lives of others. I think to myself why can't they know it if they can see it. I believe as God has shown in the bible its because he hardens them to a point. He brings them close enough to know somethings there in the dark but not the light to see it. And like we naturally have the tendency to do to things of which we cannot understand, we hate it or Him. I t was made clear to me tonight why this may need to take place though. You may wonder, well why does God in a way play or toy with the lost like this. Like everything God does its for His will. I believe that on the day of judgement, which God's judgement is final there are no appeals, the greatest of pain for the lost will be the fact that God can show them that in their life they were exposed to His truth but did not heed His warnings and glorify Him denying self. I think to myself what would make that pain as the bible describes it as eternal flames and nashing of teeth greater, to me the greatest pain would be that my eyes were open to see that God's truth had been revealed but that I wasn't able to go back and make things right again with God. His judgement is final. That would be deep for me I know. This might seem really basic to some of you but tonight it all kind of came together to me. I love how even the smallest or simplest things God can make new and so deep. He truely is an awesome God. His power, sovereignty, and love know no bounds!

God Bless,

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