Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Church Fire

Hello Everyone,
As most of you know who read my blog , our church was destroyed by a fire this past Saturday.
When we met at the Comfort Inn on Sunday to worship and discuss the damages Eric Yoder had asked us if we'd like to share about what Emmanuel Bible Church (the building) meant to them. I wanted to speak up but knew it'd be too emotional, so I'm writing it down now for reflection......

Emmanuel Bible Church the building meant a lot to me because coming to there the first time a few years ago was a representation of a pivotal time in my life. After I started coming to Emmanuel I could really see God, he opened my eyes to His word and used Emmanuel Bible Church along with that building to call me. Emmanuel the building will always ... See Morebe a treasured memory to me. I'll never forget my first Sunday there and the people I met and the the love I felt from everyone there right from the start even though they barely knew me. I remember thinking how un special the building inside and out seemed to me, just very plain and not big and exciting like other huge main stream churches were.I learned quickly that I was so wrong on my inital perception, what our building lacked in appeal visually it over compensated with love and warmth and a strong sense of God and His word. I had no idea that first Sunday how much my life was about to change and that God was going to use these amazing people in that building to bring about His will in my life. The lessons and relationships that have been built there I will always remember and hold dear to my heart the rest of my life. It was just walls but it held inside the most encouraging, challenging, loving people I've ever known. I'm just so thankful that God blessed me with the time there inside that building that I had and how much of a forever impact in my life was made. I'll never forget where I met my church family and all the amazing ways God challenged me through Eric, Derek ,Bill, and Charlie's lessons. All the wonderful and fun times we all shared there like the chili cookoff, sunday dinners, and our recent italian dinner. I'm going to miss it.

Love, Jennie

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