Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fresh New Look

I have been playing around with my blog look and have found this fresh new design I've come to love. I need to get back to writing more consistently on here.

A few advent poems from John Piper's poems on Ruth......

As we light candle one, I pray
That bitter providence today
Tomorrow will taste very sweet,
And every famine that we meet
And every broken staff of bread
In death, will bring us life instead.

And meanwhile in the darkness here,
Where tribes and races hate and fear,
O Lord, let Bethlehem ignite
A flame of truth, and let us fight
With love and joy to make it plain
That fam'ly links are not a chain,
And origins do not control,
Half images are not the whole,
Nor true, and take a rending toll,
Beneath the skin there is a soul.
And may we lift this light and truth
For Boaz and for every Ruth.

And so the light of candle three
Today, is meant to help us see,
That waiting is a holy work
Of faith in God. Nor does there lurk
Beneath the timing of his ways
Some secret malice that displays
Itself in holding back the flow
Of future grace. God does not go
From here to there by shortest routes;
He makes a place for faith and doubts.
Nor does he hasten on his way,
But comes when it is best, today,
Or maybe twenty years from now,
Or more. With Boaz we will bow
To God, and there embrace the truth:
Some serve like Mara, others Ruth.

Come candle four and blaze this truth.
Ignite in us the faith of Ruth.

- John Piper

To read the whole four poems go to DESIRING GOD.

Well, that is all I have for tonight, I wish you all a good week!


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