Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Baby Update

My posting lately has been pretty crappy, I know. I've been working for my other blog recently and making baby blankies for Baby Loss Moms so I've been a little preoccupied. I thought I'd finally update on here to catch you guys up on baby #3.

I just had an appointment yesterday morning for a routine belly check. All went well and all my blood work from my last appointment came back good and my 24hr urine baseline in case preeclampsia rears its ugly head later in the pregnancy. That came back good, my baseline was 96 which is good and normal. My Dr says anything below 300 is considered normal. What they are looking at is the amount of protein in my urine from my kidneys. In preeclampsia your kidneys get over worked and start to spill massive amounts of protein into your urine. Just to give you an idea of what I mean.... In my pregnancy with my son, Mazio, I started spilling 6,000 and 24 hours later I spilled 12,000. The 6,000 guaranteed me with preeclampsia but the 12,000 gave me severe preeclampsia. This disease works very fast and any woman who has survived preeclampsia would tell you the same. So far so good though with this pregnancy. My blood pressures have been wonderful, the best I've ever seen them even from being pregnant before. Though I know the pregnancy has a part to play in that.

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again and this time the rate was 142! Last time it was 158 and Dr. joked that it was a girl but who knows! :) I don't mind either way just as long as this little one stays cooking for a long time! I keep telling people that I hope this baby doesn't decide to come until after Thanksgiving so I can at least get my grub on!:)

What do you guys think?? Team Blue or Team Pink?

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I'm kinda thinking it might be a boy.:)

The ultrasound is scheduled!! I'm so excited!! I cannot wait! I'll be 19 weeks when I go on July 19th! Only about 3 weeks really. :)

I'm still amazed that God has brought us to this place again and being pregnant with a happy/healthy pregnancy so far! God is so good! I really feel like I can let loose now and enjoy this pregnancy. Up until now I've felt happy but just scared as well. In my mind I would see the baby we lost and what happened last time and it was difficult. It feels good to really feel like I can bond a bit with this baby now. Who has already started moving! I'm amazed at that since I was 20-22 weeks along with Mazio before I knew I was feeling him move. That in itself has been a huge blessing and comfort!

Well my next baby update will hopefully be to announce to you all if I'll be hauling out all Mazio's baby clothes or shopping for some pink girly clothes! I promise to update you all as soon as we find out!

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