Monday, June 6, 2011

Repurposed old Headboard

Just thought I'd share what I did yesterday. I've been wanting to do this for months now and was finally able to lasso hubby into this project with me.

I have read and seen many other people recycle old headboard and footboards into cute benches. They even used old baby cribs as well. I had to try it for myself! This bench below inspired me....

I found this bench along with a tutorial on how to make one at this blog. (

Here are the items I used:

3 can of black flat spray paint(96 cents @Walmart)
1 can of white gloss spray paint
Stencils ($3)
Nails?screws that hubby had lying around.
Wood boards (could use wooden bed rails)
Small paint brushes
1 headboard and 1 footboard
1 hubby without a project :)

So this is a few of the steps in making my bench...

Here is my headboard and footboard. I didn't have a crib so I just decided on this style. Oh and one is sanded and the other isn't because I didn't realize there was a quicker way to remove varnish from wood without the hard work of sanding every crevice. They have this liquid stuff that does the same thing and a ton easier plus less time consuming!
Any how, I or I should say hubby cut the footboard in half. That's going to make up the arms on this bench.

Next we made the seat. I'm not entirely sure of our dimensions but I think it probably varies based on the bed boards and personal preference.

Once we assembled it together I wanted to paint it black so the spray paint fog began! After that I thought it needed something else so I added some stencils. They were a bit of a pain in the butt but after it was finished I was glad they were there.

And finally its finished! Yay!! :)

This was fun and super EASY! I encourage you to try it. I'm sure you have something unused around your home that you can recycle and turn into something cute!

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