Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Memorial Day to remember...

Well I figured since I haven't been posting much at all that I'd surprise you all and post TWICE in one day!! Don't you feel loved now?:)

Yes my Memorial day was quite a day indeed. The morning started off pleaseant enough with the sun beautifully shining and it was very warm I believe 91 degrees. Hubby and I had it planned that we'd do some yard work then play with Mazio in his little pool. Then later on we were going to be heading to our neighbor's graduation party.

But then it all changed!

My wonderful hubby was doing yard work and decided to let the dogs outside. One he tied up and the other he let run around with the theory that he would keep an eye on her. I'm sure we all know whats coming next! Yep, she ran away. Finally after four hours of walking in the heat and switching to the car a few times we finally found her a mile away at a nice families home where they were keeping her until they found her owner. Very nice people! They even fed her and gave her water!

It was quite an ordeal and an emotional roller coaster because the dog that ran away is Bailey. Our very first pet we got right before hubby proposed to me back in 2007. She is an Airedale Terrier. I was an emotional mess searching for her unaware if we'd ever find her or how close she was.

Look at that face! Pretty hard to be mad at that, is it not? :)
I'm so glad she is safe and home!

I nearly lost my hubby that same day! In one of our switches I took the car patrol as he searched on foot and an hour later I went looking for him and couldn't find him anywhere and started to panic. My father in law even joined the search for hubby. Finally he appeared out of someone's backyard some time later but by that time I was a wreck balling my eyes out. Oh the joys of hormones!:)

Quite a day but here's some snap shots of little man swimming in his pool...

He also had a cheesy face from eating Doritos too! Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Days and I hope they were memorable! :)

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