Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emotional thoughts

March and April have become emotional months for me recently. Since we lost Eleora they seem to just just carry many moments of sadness. In one of these months she would have been born. Either the end of March or the beginning of April she would have entered the world and into our arms. Now she's in the best arms to ever be in and the ones I long to be in one day too.

It felt like after I lost her that I became a statistic and in all honesty I was. Rolled up with the other 500,000 women each year who experience a miscarriage was me. Eleora was apart of that too joining the babies that died. Instantly I discovered that I had now been initiated into a secret society of women whom had experienced this loss as well. This society seems to be secret because I hadn't learned of many women I know who've had miscarriages until I lost my baby. They seem to come out of the wood work and remove their shrouds to embrace me. I've learned that some women hide this loss purposely because they are ashamed of (what society has down played) losing a child this way. Others found it too painful to resurface that memory. Some women were not afraid to speak of their loss though sadly they were few.

It angers me that the world cannot see, that they down play abortion and label it "pro choice" and there are 500,000+ women just in miscarriage statistics alone (not counting the other 26,000 that end in still birth every year or the 400,000 infant deaths) that cried when they lost their babies. The women that felt a deep gut wrenching pain for the children they "wanted". Did you know that 3,700 babies are aborted each day in the U.S. That is approximately 1,350,500 annually. Let me remind you of how many babies died that were "wanted"; 900,000.

I read recently that a woman near Pittsburgh laid her 2 day old baby down on the floor in his carrier while she used the bathroom and their new dog bit the baby's head several times. This baby ultimately died shortly after. There are a lot of people who are mad at this mother for allowing her baby to be in a vulnerable position with this dog. She's being charged as we speak. The dog is in the middle of a complex battle over his life. The courts want him put down and several other private parties are trying to keep him alive. Even the parents of the baby and random people are trying to adopt him. I don't know how many of you reading this blog know about the process of abortion and how they carry it out but let me tell you its gruesome. Something even the worst horror film couldn't match. My question is, how is this dog killing a baby any different than if the mother were to abort the child? If the circumstances were changed people would be supporting this woman for her "choice" and not for her neglect. So why is our country allowing thousands of babies to die because of the neglect and lack of love for their children?

Women who experience miscarriages are just swept up under the rug of society. They are directed through an unspoken agreement that their loss is "no big deal". " You can have another baby." " Oh, it's good that it died young and wasn't older." It was too small to really count." No baby under 24 weeks is a viable life anyways." These are the same mind sets as the people who strongly approve of abortion. It's seen as no big deal and in many cases a nuicance that needs eradicated. These babies are seen as non viable even though a heart starts beating at 6 weeks. In 2008 the average gestational week of abortions was 9.5 weeks.

Like a well oiled machine, God created these babies and from the moment of conception a life is formed with or without that beating heart. You would think that the little heart beating alone would be enough to reach in and grab someone else's heart, maybe the mother's. Unfortunately the beating of a heart is depreciated greatly in this world but not to the thousands of grieving mothers. Those precious beats ring as loud as victory bells.

I've seen and read many things lately on the female genocide in India and China. It's a big shock to many of us Americans as we see this as awful, which it is. It is unnatural to us in the U.S. Women activist groups are outraged. Many of you if you haven't heard of this before are most likely angered as well. I recommend googling it and watching this clip.
This genocide that is happening is against millions of women. Families in both countries do not see women as assets like they see men. Men can work and bring in a good income which ultimately provides well for their families. Women however are seen as useless. They are seen as good baby makers but not much else. In the ancient world of dowry these families feel the heavy burden of paying to marry off their daughters. So many of them see it is better to end the baby girl's lives shortly after birth and even before. It's quite....I don't even have the words for it really. Here in the U.S we are blinded by truth in this matter. While we may look down on this process in India and China we are quick to forget our own turmoil in a similar circumstance. We turn a blind eye to the abortion rates as we look at the missing and unaccounted women of the world. Where India and China may discriminate against women we here in United States surely do not. We eradicate both men and women. We murder thousands upon thousands of little men and women every year. Oh but we don't see it as a genocide or murder we see it as a choice to relieve a burden, a precious innocent life.

I can't help but be angry and ask; Why?

That is my thoughts for today.

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