Monday, March 5, 2012

Formula Box to Crayon Box

I haven't done anything crafty in months now and decided the other day I needed to do something about that. The perfect opportunity came when I noticed my son really enjoying coloring in his coloring book. A new milestone that I've noticed he's reached a creative peak. Yay! The only thing he was missing was a box to keep his crayons in. I had seen on Pinterest that you can do a lot of crafty things with old formula containers so I thought I'd give this a shot. Plus I have a lot of used formula containers laying around now since my daughter seems to be inhaling food right and left!:)

This is what it looked like before....

And this is what it looked like finished.......

A few tips:

1.) I started off by peeling off the stickers. You may need to use goo gone or run really hot water over them to get them off.

2.)I found some sticky ribbon at JoAnn Fabric for like 95cents. You could also try a cool scrapbook paper and mod podge but I have a toddler that would see that as a challenge to rip it all off. :)

3.) Stickers!! Kids love stickers, especially mine and its a fun way to decorate. If you have a toddler like mine I'd recommend a flay sticker and not the bubbled ones I used above. They were far too easy for my son to peel off.

4.) Lastly I used mod podge to kind of seal the stickers and ribbon. Just for an added finish.

And Voila! A very cute and fun crayon box recycled from a formula container! :)

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