Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm starting INSANITY!!

Hey all!

So I've had my baby and can't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything I want. Summer is coming and Spring is right around the corner. I NEED to lose this weight and get into better shape! So I've decided to do something about it! I am starting Insanity. Yes, I may be crazy to even attempt it but I'm gonna do it. Our new church elder, Charlie Ed, sent my hubby and I his Insanity program so we both can do it. I'm excited and nervous. I start today!

I'm re-working my diet as well. I'm consuming 1200 calories a day.(which works good for me. I don't feel hungry in between meals)I track every calorie I consume with livestrong My Plate app on my iphone. You can also log into the website for additional tools. I love that they have a recipe section where I can log in my recipes and it breaks down the nutritional factors for each meal and the calories per serving! There is also another good app called MyFitnessPal. I'm eating high protein low carb and no sugar (except on cheat day). I allow myself one cheat day a week as studies have shown that its beneficial for your body to do so.
On cheat days I eat what I want but I don't go wild. I also don't track my calories on cheat days.

I'm learning a lot about nutrition and how to lose weight the healthy way. I'm also learning the difference between good foods for your body and the junk stuff. I've also learned that it has to be a life style change to lose weight and keep it off. It can't be just a diet for a period of time and exercise then stop. Its an investment into your body and your health. I can tell that as I get older I'm having to work harder at getting off the weight. If we only knew how eating that piece of cake or those french fries would hurl us into a 6 month health conscience and steady workout routine to retract what we put ourselves through with those food choices all the time. We'd never eat like that if we knew what it would take to correct it. My weakness is sweets. I LOVE my chocolate and cookies and cupcakes! Now I stick to dark chocolate and cookies and cake are only for cheat days. Whats funny is that on the one day of the week that I can eat whatever I want I find that I don't really want to eat the junk food as much as I originally did before.

<<<<< There is a ticker here on the left side of my page so you all can keep track with my progress.

Well here I go!!

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