Sunday, January 16, 2011

Praying for you....

I wanted to light this candle for all those who have lost a child. No matter if you've lost an infant, baby, son, daughter, or even a miscarriage. In this very hard walk through life God has shown me that He's led me through some extremely difficult circumstances. I've encountered some of the deepest pain I've felt and sadness to the point where it felt like there were no tears left. I've met some very sweet and encouraging people who have also felt the pain of losing a child who have helped me along the way on this journey.

Please know you're all in my prayers! I know its no easy task grieving the loss of a child. My heart aches for those who have lost children who were much older or further along than myself when I lost my angel. Though the road may seem daunting we're never really alone. One thing that brings me comfort is to remember that God also lost a child and if anyone would know my pain He would and He does! I think also of the beatitudes:
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."
He is the Great Comforter and who else could be than He who also knows what it feels like?

Welcome, if you're visiting my blog for the first time and please if there is anyone you know who's lost a child please pray for them and keep them in your thoughts. If you have experienced loss yourself know that you're in my prayers as well.

This candle and prayers are also sent out to a fellow afflicted molar pregnancy mom, Julie. She has just been diagnosed with choriocarcinoma and faces high dose chemo, hair loss, and possible hysterectomy followed by yet again more powerful chemo drugs. In case your wondering, choriocarcinoma is a form of cancer that develops after a molar pregnancy if the abnormal cells still exist in the uterus. It is a more treatable and possible curable cancer but lets face it any form of cancer is no walk in the park.

I'm praying for you Julie!

To learn more of molar pregnancy and how it can affect you please visit The American Pregnancy Association website.

Also if you or someone you know has experienced a molar pregnancy and wants to share their experience or just get some encouragement and a eager ear please visit molar and partial molar pregnancy forum on baby center.

Also to Laura who has lost a daughter to another disease that her and I share, preeclampsia. Laura also experienced HELLP syndrome. She is currently 29 weeks along in her second pregnancy with a boy. Things are going good as far as preeclampsia and HELLP are concerned. She is passing up my own personal goal as I was 29 weeks 2 days when I had Mazio. Laura also has a blog, visit her here.

Praying for you Laura for a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!

Along with Laura is another preeclampsia mom, Chelsea. She lost her daughter as well. Chelsea is currently in her second pregnancy with a boy. She is 28 weeks now. Things are going good as far as preeclampsia is concerned with her as well! She also has a blog, you can visit her here.

Praying for you as well Chelsea and a happy and healthy pregnancy!

To learn more about preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome please visit The Preeclampsia Foundation website.

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