Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey Hello!

Hey Hello! I know its been a while. I'm less consistent these days with my posts it seems. Let's see here what have I been doing lately....hmmm. Oh I have been losing weight apparently! I went down 2 pant sizes:) That's always a good improvement!

I've honestly put baby things and the molar pregnancy stuff on the back burner. Not that it doesn't still cross my mind or that I don't not want to try for a third pregnancy. Sorry for that double negative by the I'm such a rule breaker:). Any hoo where was I....oh yes, I've just been concentrating on being a better wife. Yeah It may seem a bit corny but its so easy to slack in the wife duties and such especially for me. My biggest challenge is battling my laziness. I'm half ashamed to admit it but....I can be a real slug. My butt is good at planting itself down on the couch for extended periods of time. Hey we all have a bit of that in us, right? As I hear silence followed by grasshopper After my birthday a switch somewhere inside me got kicked on and I made it my objective to get my butt into gear and work on being a better wife. Plus it'd make my hubby a lot happier.

I've been doing lots of cleaning and really making it a daily habit. Practice makes perfect...and now it just feels routine. I've also started planning out my grocery shopping with my weekly meal schedule. I realize many women probably do this already..but like I said before I've been a That's been working super great though and I'm really starting to like cooking more, well as long as its in a crock-pot! I've been loving this crock-pot cookbook my mom got me awhile back.

So that's where I have been! A busy bee tending my abode! I have got back on the treadmill today as well. Ben made me get to it again. He wants a baby and seems excited so I guess that gets me excited to get my rear in gear! :)

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