Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Blood Work Results Are In......."

Hello Again,

Well I just got my hcg level results from my blood work from yesterday and......
(((Drum roll))).........

Its 5.2!!!!

Yay!!!!! I'm so excited!! Technically my dr. considers anything below 5 negative so I'm not exactly negative but darn close! The nurse that told me the results on the phone today told me that they might not have me test again next week since its so close, but that the dr. would call me soon to let me know for sure. I'm still excited though. I was so nervous waiting on hold for the nurse to get back to me the results. It felt like an eternity and I was shaking like a leaf praying over and over for God to just give me the strength to accept the news however good or bad it might be. Such great news! Now depending on my dr. I will either go on to my monthly blood work or do one more test next week. We shall see ,tomorrow hopefully, what she says.

I'm currently working on my blog if you couldn't I'm trying to utilize it better and add some bells and whistles, but its a little difficult for me being technologically impaired! lol If anyone has any tips or advice for me on this stuff please let me know! Thanks!

Love, Jennie

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