Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things To Do While Waiting.....

Any woman who's had a molar pregnancy could tell you how incredibly hard it is to play the waiting game for those Hcg levels to plummet. In my boredom and experience I have drawn up a helpful list to pass the time. This is just for fun! :)

1. Prayer!
(c'mon, they don't call Him the Great Comforter for nothing!)
2. Crafts
(knitting is my favorite...and no grandma jokes!:))
3. Take up a dance class
(it's fun and it's exercise= a great combo!)
4. Start a blog
(some days you just need to vent and blogs are an amazing outlet for just that!)
5. Join a group forum
( it's such an encouragement to just talk with others who have worn your shoes)
6. Take a cooking class
(your husband will surely be happy to reap the rewards of this education!)
7. Work on getting healthy! Running...working out etc
( because you might need it after the cooking class! :) Plus you got to get healthy for that next pregnancy! :))
8. Start a great book
( it'll take you to a different world or be an extra boost of encouragement)
9. Start collecting for your next baby
(it's never too early plus it helps to keep a positive attitude)
10. Re-decorate your home/apartment
(start a big painting job or just slowly change the look with accent pieces)

The ideas are endless really! The main thing to focus on is a positive attitude and looking toward Christ! Being content and thankful in every blessing no matter how great or small! Good luck to any fellow molar pregnancy ladies who ever read this in the future and I pray all of you reach quick negatives! :)

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