Monday, December 6, 2010

Change of Plans....

Well there has been a change of plans. As you may remember a few posts back I announced that I was officially sorta negative. My last level was 5.2, however my dr. considers negative below 5 and 5.2 isn't really below 5. My dr. said it was close enough though so she said we didn't need to continue with weekly testing.

Since finding out I had a partial molar, I joined a forum of women that have had a molar pregnancy through Baby Center. They have been so helpful and encouraging to me through this process. Its always nice to hear from someone who has been in your shoes! Through this forum I came to learn of a specialist in this field, Dr. Goldstein. He is a surgical oncologist that specializes in gestational trophoblastic disease. Which the disease that occurs if there is any left over tissue from a molar pregnancy. He has done a ton of research and studies surrounding molar pregnancies and why they occur.

The ladies on the forum speak very highly of him and have even emailed and seen him through appointments. So I thought I would email him my situation and get his expert opinion of my case. I gave him a record of my levels and how my last was not technically under 5 but that my dr. said it was low enough.
I emailed him this morning and much to my surprise he emailed back quicker than I had thought. He wrote:

"Jennie, I disagree with your doctors advice. You MUST have an hCG level <5 for three consecutive weeks, then for three consecutive months. If all these test are <5 you can try for pregnancy."

I highly respect his opinion as an expert in this area. Ben and I have talked and I've also spoken to ladies from the forum on his credibility as well as read his research. We believe he is on the right track in regards to my personal situation.
So after much debate we've changed our plans. We are going to test the 3 weekly times and then 3 monthly. After that we will be free to try again for a 3rd pregnancy. That will put us at this March instead of the six month wait recommended by my dr. which would have put us at May.

I'm so thankful for God's hand in all this and blessing us with this new research and information! I have already tested again today and will get my results tomorrow. I can't lie I'm a little bit nervous, but I know that God is in control!

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