Monday, March 7, 2011

Nothing Hidden

Do you enjoy reading? Of course you do you're reading my blog!
Do you own an ipod, iphone, kindle or nook?

Well if you enjoy reading and own one of these devices then you need to check out...."Nothing Hidden" by Debbie Edmisten.

Nothing Hidden opens with the events of September 5, 1926 - the day mysterious, ebony-haired Eunice appeared at seven-year-old Mona Krane's home, tragically altering the remainder of her life. Now eighty-seven years old and expecting to die within a month, Mona reaches out to her nurse and friend, Ashleigh Craig, for help finding the answers to the buried secrets surrounding that fateful day so long ago. The search for the truth will take Ashleigh from Ohio, to the coast of Southern Maine, to New York, and back to Ohio in a desperate race against time before she finally uncovers the shocking truth of Mona's past.

If you enjoy fiction with a mystery twist then you'll love this book!

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